Zahara Skincare is an organic and natural skin care brand that is the brainchild of Zahara Nedou. The brand prides themselves in selling products which contain zero chemicals, are 100% natural, no animal testing, no GMO, organically grown and harvested. The products are based on age-old family recipes from traditional Kashmiri & Arab beauty regimes. All or most of the raw materials that go into making the products are grown on the family farms or are procured from certified organic farms in Kashmir. Zahara Skin care believes that everyone should have the chance and opportunity to consume organic products and say no to harmful chemicals! As part of the company policy each consumer who buys the product is contributing to giving back to the under privileged of the valley.

Follow Zahara’s amazing skin care tips below and get your glow on naturally!


What do you recommend as a morning routine for skin care?

A good morning routine is to NOT wash your face with any face wash when you wake up, just to wash your face with water and tap dry. This ensures that most of your skin oils are creating a barrier on your skin and nourishing it. After an hour or so, wash your skin with a soft face wash, preferably an organic one which retains the natural oils in your skin. Follow up with a toner and an oil moisturizer.

What are your 3 tips for beautiful, glowing skin?

Hydration! hydration! hydration! Have enough water in your body so that your skin doesn’t dry.

Have a routine with your skin that isn’t a fad. Sustenance is what you should be looking for in your skin regime and it’s not a day’s job!

Exercise – go for a walk, do yoga, run, dance! Do something that raises your heart rate so that there is enough blood circulation. A fresh supply of blood gives a chance to your cells to regenerate and grow and be at optimum potential.

The clean beauty trend has become really popular abroad, what is your take on it?

Clean Beauty and green living are the ONLY way to go. The more aware and informed you are about clean beauty, the sooner you will make a conscience switch to living that life. What you eat is who you are. Stay away from chemicals as much as possible. Be conscience of ingredients on labels, if you don’t know what it is chances are it’s not good for you.

What are your top 3 best selling products and what are their benefits?

Shine Bright like a Diamond face pack is our worldwide best seller. A simple recipe for an instant glow and hydration, this works as a perfect “Pick me up” before a fun night out! Use this pack weekly.

Coco Fix face pack: This is an ancient Arabic recipe that is made primarily of Cacao and linseed oil. This anti-ageing pack and helps in treating pigmentation and dark spots.

Lastly our Star product and a true game changer: the Silk Worm Cocoons. These are real silk worm cocoons that were used in Kashmir thousands of years ago. They are amazing for anti-ageing, acne, fine lines, pigmentation, glow, regeneration of skin.

With the monsoon coming up, and humidity kicking in, can you give us some hair care tips to combat frizzy and dry hair ?

Heres a DIY anti-frizz hair mask from Zahara Skincare:

1/2 oz (1 tablespoon) organic jojoba oil
1/2 oz (1 tablespoon) olive oil
12 drops organic lavender essential oil
6 drops organic peppermint Oil

Combine all ingredients into your bottle or jar.
Shake gently to mix all of the ingredients together.
Apply a dime- to quarter-sized amount of oil to damp hair, concentrating most on the ends.
Leave for an hour and rinse with a natural shampoo.
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