The Inspiration

We all have a story and all our little stories make up a big story called life. Life has thrown all of us plenty of curve balls, some faster and harder than others. I’ve had my fair share of them, and after multiple attempts and misses, I finally managed to come out stronger on the other side.

The greatest lessons are taught through the biggest challenges. We all deal with these challenges differently. I have learnt to keep trying – when you fall, get back up and try again. What has helped me overcome obstacles and keep growing is a combination of fitness, wellness and self-care. Whether it is a flowing Vinyasa yoga class, going for an adventure trek, getting healthy through my own smoothie recipes or running the Mumbai Marathon.

Through The Sunshine Smoothie, I hope to inspire people to live a healthy and meaningful lifestyle. We live in a fast paced, chaotic world, and nothing is more valuable than a purposeful mind and a healthy body. I hope this blog helps you relax, gives you some insight, and makes the journey of life more enjoyable.

From the advice of experts in their chosen fields, to healthy recipes,  recommend workouts and product reviews, we got your covered! I look forward to building The Sunshine Smoothie into a platform for those that can make a significant impact on our lives through wellness, fitness and food.

This has been a huge step out of my own comfort zone, as I am known to be shy and introverted. But since I think our purpose is bigger than our fears, I’m choosing to follow my passion. I hope it helps you find yours!


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